Club History

Founding and Evolution

In 1974, a group of 13 women founded the East Greenwich-Cowesett New Neighbors Club to help newcomers to the area make friends and feel at home. Originally, the club was open only to those who had lived in the area for two years or less. The club's membership criteria broadened over the years, allowing increasingly longer membership terms and extending membership to both new residents and those who had experienced a major life change, such as retirement or the birth of a child.

In 2019, the club officially expanded membership to all community residents, regardless of whether they were new to the area or entering a new phase of life. At that time, the club dropped "New" from its name, becoming the East Greenwich-Cowesett Neighbors Club.

Historical newspaper clipping

Local newspapers have covered club happenings through the years, documenting our growth and evolution.

A 1974 article in the Rhode Island Pendulum announced the creation of the East Greenwich-Cowesett New Neighbors Club by founders Barbara Kennedy and Joyce Phipps.

In 1977, the Pendulum reported that "since its first meeting...the East Greenwich-Cowesett New Neighbors Club has been responsible for the fun and fellowship of up to 200 new girls."
A Pendulum article from 1983 describes the club's growing reputation: "Companies tell their relocating families, realtors tell prospective buyers, and members tell their friends about the East Greenwich organization." It also mentions a short-lived sister organization, Neighbors II, created for club members who had completed their three-year membership term.


The club has always relied on volunteer leadership, and we thank our past officers for sharing their time and talents, particularly our past presidents:

2019-2020  JoHannah Speltz

2019-2020  Corinne Steinbrenner
2018-2019  Terri Finkelstein
2017-2018   Lynne Moulton
2016-2017  Christine Dembinski
2015-2016  Kristen Bierwirth
2014-2015  Denise Lopez
2013-2014  Jill Leary
2012-2013  Adrienne Shanley
2011-2012  Carrie Humphreys
2010-2011  Alexandra Kitchell
2009-2010  Jane Schaefer
2008-2009  Leah DeCesare
2007-2008  Jessica Granatiero
2006-2007  Kelly Drolet
2005-2006  Beth Candow
2004-2005  Caroline Vogel
2003-2004  Wendy Valente
2002-2003  Dotti Giamette
2001-2002  Paula Licciardi
2000-2001  Laura DeCando
1999-2000  Joanne Quinn
1998-1999  Elise Hamann
1997-1998  Betsy Smith
1996-1997  Pat Phillips
1995-1996  Diana Watt
1994-1995  Joyce Hellman
1993-1994  Donna Conti
1992-1993  Sue Schibler
1991-1992  Jane Bertucio
1990-1991  Ginny Hudson
1989-1990  Nancie Harper
1998-1989  Barbara Nellson
1987-1988  Mary Ann Andries
1986-1987  Fay Ligon
1985-1986  Lyla Gebhardt
1984-1985  Bonnie Tollison
1983-1984  Glenda DiFilippo
1982-1983  Brenda Whicker
1981-1982  Jennie Dobbins
1980-1981  Donna Harms
1979-1980  Maria Kline
1978-1979  Kay Cable
1977-1978  Pat Billings
1976-1977  Hope Campagna
1975-1976  Carol Kingston
1974-1975  Barbara Kennedy

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