Frequently Asked Questions

When does the membership year begin?
Our membership year is from September 1 to August 31.

What if I join during the year?
Your first membership year begins the day you join and ends August 31 of that year. You must renew in September to continue membership for each subsequent year.

How much are membership dues?
Membership dues are currently set at $35.00. Dues are subject to change at the time of annual renewal. New members joining the club between September 1 and January 31 will be charged the full yearly dues. Those joining between February 1 and August 31 will pay a prorated portion of the yearly dues.

Who can join?
Membership is open to any adult residing in East Greenwich or Cowesett who is interested in meeting people and participating in the activities of the club, pending the payment of annual membership dues. Both newcomers and long-term residents are welcome to join.

If you live outside of East Greenwich or Cowesett and wish to become a member, you may apply to our executive board for special approval. Before initiating your online membership application, send an email to explaining your circumstances.

Can men join?
While we have historically been a women's organization, nothing in our bylaws excludes men from our club. If men are interested in participating in our activities, we welcome them.

Do I need Facebook to join?
Facebook is not our primary method of communication and is not required. Our communication is conducted via email and discussion forums through membership software called Wild Apricot. Our Facebook group supplements Wild Apricot by allowing members to ask one another questions, share recommendations, etc.

Do I need to have kids to join?
No. We have many members who are single, pre-kids, without kids, have older kids, or are empty nesters. It is our goal to offer diverse social opportunities for all family structures.

How many people can be included under one membership?

Membership is individual. If two adults from the same household wish to attend members-only events, both adults must be members. However, several of our activity groups—such as Wine Enthusiasts and Game Night—are open to members and their spouses/partners, and we hold periodic family events to which members may bring their entire family, so most households find that a single membership is sufficient.

How do I pay my membership dues?
You can easily pay your membership dues online using a credit card upon completion of your application. When it’s time to renew your dues, you will receive an email with instructions. Our online payment processor is AffiniPay. Our club does not store your credit card information. Instead, it is securely transmitted to AffiniPay for processing.

If you prefer not to use a credit card, we can accept check or cash payments. Contact us at to arrange an offline payment.

What do my membership dues cover?
Your membership fees allow you to be a full participant in the club. Through our club website and emails, members receive regular information on upcoming events and activities and have access to contact information for other members. The club primarily uses membership fees to pay for our website and online tools, to buy insurance, and to cover some or all of the cost of annual social events.

Who can attend club events?
All of our events are open to paid club members. Several of our activity groups—such as Wine Enthusiasts and Game Night—are open to members and their spouses/partners, and we hold periodic family events to which members may bring their entire family.

Prospective members may attend two club functions as a guest before deciding whether they wish to join. Prospective members may email to inquire about upcoming events.

I want to help with the East Greenwich-Cowesett Neighbors Club. How do I become more involved?
We are always looking for new people to help the organization thrive. In particular, we elect a new board of executive officers each year, and we’re always open to new ideas for activity groups that our members are willing to lead and organize. To become more involved, send an email to

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